We are excited to be able to offer our clients a large selection of high quality digital keyboards, home organs, pianos, electric guitars and acoustic guitars.  In addition, we also offer musical accessories to support or enhance your performance and instruction.  We encourage you to come in to the store for an appointment with one of our instrument experts who will be able to help you navigate the many different options available to you.

Digital Pianos

Roland Digital PianoOur digital piano and home organ products are our most popular instruments.  We are pleased to be able to provide you with a wonderful selection from the following companies: Roland, Galileo, Yamaha and Kawai. 

All digital keyboard, piano and organ purchases come with free lessons.

  • Roland – Roland is our most popular digital piano and home organ manufacturer, and a popular choice of many professional musicians.  Roland has been a leading company in the world of electronic musical instruments for over 35 years.
  • Galileo -- The Galileo Music Company believes in the “healthful benefits of playing piano.”  It is that concept that guides the design and execution of each of its instruments.  This is a fabulous choice for the beginner or more casual player.
  • Kawai – Kawai has worked for over 80 years to become “The World’s Most Advanced Piano” manufacturer.  This line is for the digital keyboard enthusiast who desires all of the innovation digital pianos have to offer.
  • Yamaha – The Yamaha name is renowned for its association with high quality performance and design.  Yamaha digital pianos offer both economy models and high-end instruments, so both first time buyers and seasoned musicians are sure to find the perfect model.

Kawai Digital We are the authorized dealer for Kawai digital pianos.

Samick PianoAcoustic Pianos

Our acoustic piano lines offer quality and affordability for first time buyers and those looking to upgrade their current piano.  Please be sure to inquire about our trade-in opportunities.

  • Samick – Choosing a Samick piano is choosing an instrument that will last throughout generations.  The craftsmanship, design and construction are of superior quality, and the beauty of each instrument is astounding.  Not only will these pianos perform beautifully, they also offer an enchanting design element to your home.
  • Remington Pianos -- Remington Pianos are the perfect choice for a first-time piano owner or those who want a high quality piano at an affordable price.  Remington Pianos offer economic quality to its customers without sacrificing beauty or performance.



GuitarsBoth acoustic and electric guitar players will love our wide selection of inventory from music industry standouts Daisy Rock, Yamaha and Spencer.  We also offer all guitar accessories: strings, method books, tablature, amps, picks, straps and more.

  • Daisy Rock – Made world famous by such well-known musicians as Avril Lavigne, Lisa Loeb, and Joan Osborne, Daisy Rock (and their sister company Debutante Daisy Rock for the younger rock star) is the first guitar manufacturer to cater completely to the design and style principals of the female guitar artist.  This fun and functional guitar line – it boasts a neck and body designed to fit the female frame -- offers acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and short-scale guitars.  These are definitely a must see for the female guitar player in your home!
  • Yamaha – Once again the Yamaha expertise lends itself to the creation of a superior line of instruments.  Yamaha guitars have been seen in the hands of many music giants, such as Michael W. Smith, Richie Sambora, and Keith Sweat.  The Yamaha line of guitars is perfect for both beginners and experienced players alike.
  • Spencer – The Spencer guitar line is an affordable option for the young or new player.  Performance and quality are not sacrificed for this economic option to your first guitar purchase.


Music AccessoriesIn addition to our wide selection of digital keyboards, home organs, pianos and guitars, we also offer a variety of musical accessories to enhance your practice or performance.  A few examples are:

  • Music stands
  • Sheet music
  • Method books
  • Metronomes
  • Piano lamps
  • Guitar straps, strings, and picks
  • Guitar tab
  • Tuning devices

Accessories also make perfect gifts for the music lover in your life!  Be sure to stop by the store today to browse the many choices available.  We are located at 2275 N. Courtney Parkway, just north of the Merritt Island Public Library.